Jupiter Jeep Club


Jupiter Jeep Club is a more relaxed outdoor/offroad enthusiast club. We are a friendly family oriented club that enjoys getting together and having fun.

Jupiter Jeep Club got it's start in late November of 2007 when seven individuals, ( Kevin LaPlume,Robert Denton,Brian Kinberger,Michael Jackson,Mark Shunk,Michael Rodgers and William Cooper ), shared a common interest in the outdoors and off roading. We did not want a club based on meetings and politics, we wanted to go out and have fun with our friends and family.

Unlike most other clubs, the first thing you will notice about Jupiter Jeep Club, is the lack of club officers.

That is because we structured our club as a "round table" club, meaning EVERY member has an equal say in the club and decisions are made by popular vote, not a board of officers dictating their will.