Jupiter Jeep Club



Article 1: Name of Club

A. This organization shall be known as The Jupiter Jeep Club.

B. The club web site is http://jupiterjeepclub.com


Article2: Purposes

A. The Jupiter Jeep Club is a nonprofit organization for the purpose of mutual enjoyment of owning and using Jeep vehicles.

B. Providing social, recreation and education activities for its members.

C. Supporting civic activities, to enjoy and protect all state and federal resources.


Article 3: Membership and Dues

A. To be a member of the Club you must own a Jeep vehicle (Membership discretion may over vehicle make and model). Ownership means: having a bill of sale or title to a Jeep vehicle which is in your physical possession.

B. Each membership includes the immediate family.

C. All members must conduct themselves in a respectable and orderly fashion during all club activities.

D. Dues will be $00.00 to a year. Dues are payable on or before January 1st for a 12 month period. New members joining in the months of Apr. thru Dec. will be assessed dues of $00.00 for the first year only.

E. Applicants must fill out a medical information sheet.

1. A member may withdraw as a member of the Club at any time upon filing with the Officers thirty (30) days prior written notice of intention to withdraw, specifying therein the effective date of withdrawal, and by submitting his/her written resignation to the club of such date, accompanied by the surrender of his/her membership card.

2. No withdrawing member shall be relieved of any obligation incurred as a member arising prior to the effective date of such withdrawal.

3. If any member elects to withdraw, he/she will receive no refund of monies paid to the Club and received by the Club prior to the date of withdrawal.

F. After a person has been a paying member for 10 consecutive years, he/she will become a LIFE member.

G. A first year member can buy-in to LIFE membership by paying for 9 years membership with his first year dues.

H. A second year or there after member may buy-in to LIFE membership by paying the rest of the ten year dues at any time.

I. The JJC will continue active membership for any club member who may leave this area in support of a national emergency or to serve our country in a foreign land as a member of the active duty military. This would count toward the 10 year life membership as well. This offer is limited to military service. On return, the member would begin paying dues for the next year.

J. If any member ceases to be a Jeep vehicle owner, then the membership of said member in the Club shall automatically cease.

K. Upon any termination of membership (for any reason), the member shall surrender his or her membership card to the Club and said member shall be deemed to have waived and disclaimed all rights, if any, to any participation in the Club, or its affairs, assets, or property as of the date of termination.


Article 4: Vehicle Safety

A. All vehicles on off road events must have adequate equipment for legal operation and must comply with the club’s official “Minimum Equipment for Trail Rides? document published separately.

B. Only those firearms as governed by federal, state and local laws are allowed on trail rides.


Article 5: Alcohol, drugs and other intoxicating substances

A. Alcohol, drugs and other intoxicating substances will not be permitted on trail rides or any Club sponsored event.

B. Alcohol will only be permitted at campouts or other non-motorized activities.


Article 6: Waiver of Liability

A. Any member of the Jupiter Jeep Club who decides to participate in any event sponsored, promoted or directed by the Jupiter Jeep Club does so at his, hers or its own risk and releases the Club and all other members of the Club of all liability for any loss or damage. It is fully understood by members of the Jupiter Jeep Club that there is some inherent risk associated with events, including damage to vehicles.

In addition, the members of the Club agree to INDEMNIFY AND HOLD HARMLESS the Club and and all other members from any loss, liability, damage, or cost they may incur due to such participation, whether caused by negligence of otherwise and AGREES TO ASSUME FULL RESPONSIBILITY AND RISK for any bodily injury, death or property damage.


Article 7: Jupiter Jeep Club Logo

A. The official Jupiter Jeep Club Logo is described as follows:

1. Oval in shape with The Jupiter Lighthouse and the Jeep image.

2. The words “Jupiter Jeep Club” arched above and below the image with the word club “crushed”

3. The foreground includes a rock field with a Red in color TJ climbing up the rocks obliquely toward the viewer.

B. Changes to the club logo may only be made with a 2/3 majority vote of the membership.

C. Any representation of the club name “Jupiter Jeep Club” or of its logo to be altered, printed, displayed, reproduced or otherwise used by any club member must have the representation put forth to the membership for approval; this requires no less than three member’s approval.


Article 8: Procedure for Probation or Removing of Members for Misconduct

A. By a Member at a meeting:

1. A motion can be made by any current member.

2. The motion must be seconded by another current member.

3. A discussion for grounds of the suspension or removal.

4. A majority vote by members attending the meeting will pass the motion from a public showing of hands supporting the vote.

5. Any three (3) members in good current standing may present written charges against any member whose conduct has endangered or is likely to endanger the good order, welfare, reputation or character of the Club.

6. The decision of the members shall be final.

C. By the members at a meeting:

1. The members may declare the membership of any member forfeited or suspended for:

a. Non-payment of dues.

b. In the opinion of the club members that the member’s actions and behavior are dangerous to the safety and well-being of the other members or the reputation of the Club.



All above mentioned policies are subject to change.