Jupiter Jeep Club

About Us

The club itself is a group of like minded individuals from just about every walk of life. Having no officers leaves the club without a President. In JupiterJeep Club, if you desire to do something or would like to create an event then you are club President for that day/event. If you have a Jeep that you do not want to take offroad that is ok, a good deal of our activities do not require our vehicle to go off road.

Everyone is welcome, the only requirements are:

Be nice

Have a Jeep ... we now accept Toyota FJs ..... Foreign Jeeps.


Jupiter Jeep Club schedules no less than two events a month.

Some of our activities include;

Off roading
Trail clean up
"Fix it weekends"
Charity events
Nights out for Dinner
Jeep Beach
Toys for Tots
And what ever else the membership decides they want to do.